Tuition Assistance

Once a year SRCAC will release tuition assistance funds to be awarded, through an application process, to child abuse professionals located in the Southern region. Tuition assistance covers the cost of registration and/or tuition for specialized trainings or conferences that are directly related to the work of the recipient. The tuition assistance awards are competitive. If funds are awarded, any costs will be reimbursed to the CAC after the training and/or conference through a reimbursement process.

When a batch of tuition assistance is released, SRCAC will notify all of the state chapters who will then forward the information on to their CACs.

Tuition Assistance Reimbursement Process

We hope that you enjoyed your training!

Please note that the following instructions for receiving reimbursement are for those CACs that were awarded tuition assistance through the October 2018 Tuition Assistance application process.

This online form along with supporting documentation must be submitted within two weeks of completion of training. Each person awarded assistance must submit reimbursement separately (no group submissions).

Required documentation to be uploaded include:

  1. Proof of payment registration (copy of check, paid web registration print-out with total paid, etc.).
  2. Certificate of completion, if provided, by the training/conference.

All reimbursement payments are made payable to the CAC with which the participant is affiliated. Checks are mailed within 3-4 weeks of SRCAC receiving this online form and supporting documents.

Questions? Contact Meredith Wilkes.