Executive Directors (EDs) of CACs are often in the position of having to not only manage the operations of a CAC but specifically supervise a wide variety of disciplines to ensure that programs are delivered effectively and responsibly, that programs follow established protocols and NCA Accreditation Standards, and that treatments are delivered with fidelity. Direct supervision of medical providers, mental health clinicians, victim advocates, and forensic interviewers is a substantial part of carrying out these responsibilities. This type of supervision may be daunting if an ED has little or no experience in the areas over which they are responsible.

However, EDs who aren’t necessarily specialists in one particular area can also possess the much-needed ability to see the “big picture”—more so than those who specialize in one specific discipline—and, therefore, are ideal to be in this role. EDs who have a general knowledge of the areas they supervise are also much more adaptable to change, which is particularly important when managing and growing the programs and operations of a CAC. In other words, having a more “generalist” approach to management can actually be a huge benefit to the CAC and its programs. The key for EDs, however, is to know how much they need to know, what questions to ask, who to call upon when they don’t know the answer, and when to intervene if necessary.

This training, held on three separate days over the course of a week, will cover the essential information that CAC Executive Directors (EDs) need to have to effectively develop, supervise, and expand direct services, particularly when EDs may not have the subject matter expertise themselves.

Specific areas to be covered in the training include supervising:

  • Medical services
  • Mental Health
  • Multidisciplinary teams
  • Victim/family advocacy
  • Forensic interviewing

Other modules will include supporting a positive organizational culture and managing secondary traumatic stress (STS) within your organization.

**Please note that in order to further enrich the learning experience, there will be a brief amount of “pre-work” for all those who register for this training. Refer to the tab below for more information.**

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