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Check back at a later date for 2023 training dates and registration information.

SRCAC is pleased to announce our new Facilitative Leadership Learning Collaborative for MDT facilitators and their CAC supervisors (Executive Directors, Program Directors, etc.). This learning experience aims to support these two important roles in developing a deep and shared understanding of the MDT model and the adoption of a facilitative leadership approach with an MDT.

What Is a Learning Collaborative?

The Learning Collaborative is a six-month-long program where facilitators and their supervisors will engage in a variety of collaborative learning experiences, each designed to build capacity and support the facilitator in their role. The Learning Collaborative model offers a social, contextual, and engaging atmosphere that promotes a deeper exploration of ideas and concepts. Drawing on real-life experience, we will create a space where individuals can learn with and from their peers.

What Is Facilitative Leadership?

Facilitative Leadership intentionally moves a team through resistance and conflict into collaboration by creating shared understanding, engaging team members as thinking partners, and developing clear and safe structures for interdependent tasks. Facilitative leaders capitalize on the collective knowledge and experience of a team to solve complex problems.

This training is designed for a MDT facilitator and their supervisor to attend together. Applicants will be selected in pairs.

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