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Advanced Leadership: Developing an Outward Mindset

A course created by the Arbinger Institute

Huntsville, Alabama

September 13-14, 2018

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Organizations are often populated by people who may not realize that they are stuck in the same mindset or who are hesitant to change. Such organizations will continue to produce more or less the same results as they always have. Attempts to improve behavior alone can produce only marginal improvements; breakthrough results require a change in mindset. This workshop will help attendees change their own mindsets from inward to outward.

When acting from an inward mindset, people focus on themselves and their own objectives. They want others to behave in ways that will further those objectives. They focus on what they themselves do and measure their success by what they themselves accomplish.

Alternatively, when acting from an outward mindset, people work to help others, such as their clients, coworkers, managers, and direct reports. They focus on how they are impacting others' projects and measure their success in terms of what others are able to accomplish because of their efforts. For CACs, where people often specialize in one area, such as mental health, medical, law enforcement, administration, etc., there can be a tendency to focus inwardly on achieving our own specific set of objectives and to lose sight of others’ objectives, or worse, the overall objective - providing services to children and families.

The Arbinger Institute is recognized as a world leader in improving organizational culture and conflict resolution. Arbinger’s clients range from individuals to many of the largest companies and governmental institutions in the world, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, NFL, FedEx, Boeing, IBM, USA Today, Motorola, numerous colleges and universities, U.S. federal agencies and departments, and many more.

In this workshop, we will explore in detail how we can shift to an inward mindset, the implications of that in our work, and the impact on others. We will also leverage a framework that will guide us to work in an outward mindset.


Andrew Agatston, the CEO and General Counsel of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, is an Arbinger-licensed facilitator who has presented this workshop as a part of leadership training to CACs throughout the country.

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