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Team Facilitator Training 2.0

Huntsville, Alabama

2020 dates to be announced soon.

The task of facilitating a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) can be incredibly rewarding, but it is not without its challenges. Playing a vital role on the team, a skilled facilitator can help the MDT function smoothly and efficiently. From navigating conflict to ensuring the best possible services for children and families, a facilitator is often required to wear many hats. This training is aimed at building capacity within the team facilitator role and supporting the facilitator in what is often an isolated position.

Specifically, this training is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Explore the strengths and challenges of the Team Facilitator role
  • Build capacity and skills to assist in team facilitation
  • Understand how effective communication and relationship-building can improve team collaboration
  • Help participants create individualized plans to address specific team challenges
  • Develop a network of peers and a comprehensive set of resources that will support participants in their team facilitator roles

For this training, individuals will attend two in-person trainings spaced several months apart and three web-based sessions. Each in-person training will be 2.5 days in length and will take place in Huntsville in March and July. These sessions will allow for opportunities to build facilitation skills, practice techniques to use with your MDT, receive feedback, and develop a plan for future team success.

In between the two in-person trainings, you will participate in three web-based, follow-up sessions aimed at supporting and sustaining participants between meetings. Each of these one-hour sessions will be conducted via video conference with the entire group and the two facilitators. Supporting materials and communications will be sent via email between in-person sessions in an effort to support facilitators in their role.

For any questions about this training, call 256-327-3803 or email us:

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