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Medical/Legal Training Academy

Huntsville, Alabama

May 5-7, 2020

Registration will open soon.

Medical Training Academy: The healthcare providers' role in the MDT-CAC model as well as the medical evaluation of child sexual abuse and physical abuse will be presented. Case-based scenarios will be used to facilitate discussion of significance of findings and documentation. The process of preparing for court will be presented by a prosecuting attorney followed by a mock court session in conjunction with attendees of Legal Training Academy.

Legal Training Academy: Basic medical information commonly encountered in child abuse cases will be presented by a child abuse pediatrician. A prosecuting attorney will discuss how the medical information can be used in the preparation for court cases and describe strategies for meeting with medical witnesses and preparing for defense experts. The course will conclude with a mock trial workshop involving teams of medical and legal participants.

For any questions about this training, call 256-327-3803 or email us: