Karen Hangartner is the Director of Professional Services at the National Children’s Advocacy Center. Karen is an experienced trainer, director, and leader. Driven by passion and loyalty, Karen has served in the CAC movement for 20 years. She has delivered hundreds of trainings across the nation, presented at conferences both nationally and internationally, and is a founding member of the STS Consortium making groundbreaking advances in the area of secondary traumatic stress in the CAC movement. Karen deeply believes that the CAC model is not only vital to a healthy community but has the power to fundamentally change our country and our world. She brings innovation, authenticity, and joy to the team. Karen leads the Professional Services Department by casting strategic vision and ideation that improves services and effectiveness at NCAC. She keeps up to date with the ever-evolving CAC model to ensure all the services delivered are firmly grounded in research and data. Karen’s devotion to healthy childhoods extends to her personal life, where she enjoys spending time with her granddaughters, playing games, and hosting many shared family meals.